​​​​​​​​​We offer Life, Business and Intuitive Services!

Please check the list of detailed services and pricing below:

-------Counseling and Coaching Services include therapeutic guidance for invigoration and improvement of mind, body, and soul. These services successfully combine assistance for past healing and present and future life assistance.  

---------Business Services combine creativity, innovation, and intuition to assist and simplify your everyday life.

Intuitive Counseling with Iryne

Allow yourself to heal and empower, as you receive guidance and assistance for mind, body, and soul. Combines empowering and person-centered techniques, spiritual messages and psychological assistance.

 $150 (50min. session)

Life Counseling and Life Coaching Therapy

During these powerful therapy sessions, we will precisely connect and identify direction, uncover unnecessary blocks, define happiness, and alleviate pain and suffering in order to unlock and allow for you to lead the most joyful, authentic, purposeful life of meaning. Our focus is on your strengths and your background and the relationship between the two. Our approach is eclectic and highly individualized. We talk as much as you, we don't just listen!  Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly session frequency available, depending on individual counseling needs. We specialize in individual, relationship, parenting and career/life path counseling and coaching and can address most concerns during our sessions, ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic stress and grief, nothing is taboo. In a rare instance where we cannot assist you, we will refer you to someone who can truly help. 

$150 (50min.)*Sliding scale available, please don't allow finances to stop from achieving your ultimate happiness.

Business Consulting and


During these powerful sessions, we will connect to your business and provide unique and personality-based varied techniques that will allow you to reach new levels of success in the business of your choice! We utilize different methodology that is most fitting for you in order to achieve creative solutions, abundant gains, and measurable success!  We possess business degrees and education as well as over 15 years of business world experience in order to provide you with this service in the most successful manner. You will find our approach unique, refreshing, intuitive and very effective! $150 (50 min.)

Intuitive Email Counseling Answer

Need a quick answer only, live a distance away and don't prefer a phone session? Prefer to have your answer in a written form? These and many other reasons make our email answering service very popular! During this very popular service, we will connect to your question in order to give you precise and elaborate written answers to any and all questions. We will then email your answers within 7 business days of your payment. Our answers are very thorough and just as effective as an in-person session.

~Only $35 per one-subject question.

*Emergency sessions are provided within 24 business hours and are $75 per one-subject question. 

Emergency Appointments

We understand that sometimes you will need to see us immediately and cannot wait to schedule an appointment. To accommodate this urgency, we do offer emergency appointments for most services. Due to the nature of such requests and commitment of time, the pricing structure is based on each individual practitioner and is as follows:

Iryne: $250/hour 

Melanie: $150/hour 

Nataly: $150/hour

These appointments are available upon requested time and/or immediately within 24 hours period of request. Please note that you may not always have an ability to choose a practitioner, but one of our qualified practitioners will always be there to help!

Medical Intuition Consults

During this consult, we intuitively connect and focus on your physical body to scan for areas of unwellness and need of healing. We perform a through scan and provide extensive intuitive recommendations of healing treatments. $150/hour

Please note: medical intuition is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose diseases and does not replace a medical doctor/licensed practitioner visit. We are not doctors and urge you to visit your physician and/or licensed medical professional for any and medical ailments, issues, and/or questions.

Naturopathic Consult

During this consult, our educated Naturopathic doctors will utilize a holistic approach to allow for you to achieve wellness as naturally as possible. $100/hour

Body Talk Consult

Dr. Ali, our body-talk practitioner will connect to your mind, body, and soul through this proven kiniseology-based method to allow for you to receive healing answers as well as to heal mind, body, and soul. Very Powerful! $75/hour--introductory pricing!

Automotive Shopping Service

Our Car shopping service is Innovate and not offered anywhere else! This trademarked assistance comprises of selecting a vehicle, inspecting a vehicle to confirm condition, pricing negotiations, financing assistance and any/all aspects of car purchase--whether in a dealer, at an auction or from a private party. Our Certified Car Appraisers are experts in car mechanical, structural, and cosmetic vehicular condition and are extremely knowledgeable about most vehicles on the market as well as current pricing and market trends. We provide vehicle recommendation, vehicle purchase and accompany you on your pricing expedition. Our competitive fees will quickly be eclipsed by the savings you receive and by the reliable vehicle that we will help you select and purchase! Affordable pricing for a-la-cart or entire service. Your choice! Pricing varies. Please contact for pricing.This unique service is very popular and appointments are often limited. Book today! 

Career Services

We assist you in everything, from job search and resume building to practice interviews and job matching/finding service that ultimately allows you to have the job of your dreams! We research every detail and listen to what you need. In this economy, it IS possible to find not just a job, but a lasting career with our assistance! We don't just help you in your search, we assist you with every step and detail along the way, including creation of a perfect position, if one is not seemingly available in the market. This service is rendered by certified job coaches and human resource professionals with decades of experience and creative outlook for success. Affordable pricing for a-la-cart or entire service. Your choice! Pricing varies. Please contact for pricing. 

Card Clarity Coaching Sessions

These sessions comprise of achieving clarity for your present and future by utilizing visual imagery of cards. This service is highly recommended for those who are looking to receive guidance and confirmation for the present and future. Especially helpful for assistance in making decisions that are most beneficial for the current situation.

*Group sessions available -- please contact us for more info.

$75/ 50 minute session.

Junk into Jazz Service

Allow yourself to simplify your life, de-clutter and organize your space and your life! We will provide your this service from the ground up! We will remove your "junk" and clear out basements, garages, sheds, homes etc. Allow yourself to life a more simple, organized and joyful life! Clutter has been linked to depression and anxiety and inability to move forward. Our qualified and insured practitioners will remove all things no longer necessary for your life. We will do so in a very quick, organized and affordable manner! Organizational service can be added for extra fee. Pricing varies, dependent on size of junk, home, project. Contact today! Services book quickly. 

"Kon-Mari" style Organizational Service

 We will intuitively organize your home and/or business! We utilize Feng-Shui, Intuition, Strong Organizational Techniques, as well as KON-MARI inspired organizational methods to fully and completely invite the energies of organization, peace and joy into your life! We are hard working, efficient and extremely hands-on.  Allow yourself to be organized in your mind, body as well as your living space! $65/hour and $40 half hour--INTRODUCTORY PRICING! 

Wedding Ceremonies

Always dreamed of a unique wedding ceremony? Iryne will make it a reality for you! With a decade of wedding officiating experience and legal wedding certifications, Iryne will meet with you and allow you to have the wedding ceremony that is unique to you and your chosen one! Wedding services include organizational meeting(s) prior to the event, specified wedding vows, ceremony crafting and allowing yourself to have the wedding of your dreams! Iryne is a non-denominational, inter-faith minister, legally certified to perform marriage ceremonies in all US states. Iryne provides ceremonies unique to the couple and does not limit her services based on religious affiliation, spiritual tradition, sexual orientation or identification or any other such limiting factors. Iryne is well versed in all major religious and spiritual rituals, from Catholic to Wiccan, and all in between. With deep respect and knowledge of all spiritual traditions, Iryne can offer a traditional and scripted ahead of time ceremony, or unique and impromptu service, or anything in between that will make a lasting impression in our marriage! We also have other officiants available, per request. Pricing varies due to length/detail/location of ceremony. Pricing includes completed marriage certificate that is legally binding in your state. *couple is required to apply and obtain their own marriage certificate, applicable with any and all states law. Iryne will complete and mail/hand-deliver that certificate to your state's marriage department to make your marriage legal and binding. Rates start at only $250

Vow Renewals

 Renew your vows in a spiritual tradition that deeply resonates with whom you are! Not ready to get officially married, but wish to spiritually connect and seal your commitment? This service is for those who would like to allow themselves to spiritually join, without the legalities. Rates start at $200

Baptisms/Funerals and other

spiritual ceremony services

Would you like a unique passage of life ceremony and/or celebration?  Whether it is birth, transition, spiritual events etc. Iryne is a certified non-denominational, inter-faith minister that will craft a perfect ceremony for you and with you. Please see "Weddings" for more on Iryne's celebratory offerings. Pricing varies and is dependent on location/duration/ceremony. Rates start at $150

Healthy European Cooking


We offer group or individual cooking classes, focusing on healthy and delicious European Cuisine by experienced cooks and educators! Very unique, creative, delicious and full of flavors--yet healthy! Nutritional value and guidance will be discussed during each session. Pricing varies and starts at ONLY $35.

Healthy Natural Remedies

Learn about healthy, natural remedies that are easily accessible and how these can heal your mind and body! Group or individualized sessions. Discussion on healing properties and samples given in individualized manner. From head-to-toe, discussion of most health ailments and natural remedies that are appropriate. Class starts at $25--INTRODUCTORY PRICING. Individual consult pricing: $65/hour and $40/half hour.

Healing Exercises

Allow​ yourself to heal your body, get in your healthy shape and invite gentle, yet effective movement in your life! These group or individualized classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. These are whole body exercises that translate very well into everyday busy existence. Improve blood pressure, circulation, lose weight, release depression and anxiety and finally feel like a healthy you!  Classes include personalized instruction for all body types and ages. Starts at $20

Tax Preparation

We will assist you in preparing your own taxes with the aid of tried-and-true, experienced tax professionals! No deduction is missed! Did you know that most individuals walk away with thousands of dollars in unclaimed write-offs? It is time you received a larger refund! Allow us to help with our patented, unique tax assistance that allows you to benefit financially to the max! Whether you are employed full-time, part-time, a student, self-employed or unemployed, we will get you the refund that you deserve! Starts at $100

Space Blessing/Clearing

Iryne will bless and clear your space, to allow for your house/business/any other location to feel like home again! This comprehensive service will offer combined spiritual traditions to allow for an energetically cleared and blessed space. Allow abundance, healing, love and many more blessings enter your humble abode through these clearing and blessing services! Our locations hold stagnant energies that once released, open us up to more joy, fulfillment and abundance in our lives! Native American, Catholic, Buddhist, New Age, Earth-spirituality and other traditions are combined to make the most comprehensive and effective space clearing and blessing that you will ever experience! $150/hr

Ukrainian or Russian Language


Whether individualized or group, let's learn how to speak Ukrainian as we learn the rich culture and customs! Taught by native-speakers, Master's Level educators in the United States who were born and also worked as educators in Europe. Pricing starts at only $25--INTRODUCTORY

Pregnancy Coaching

Iryne, who is a pregnancy life coach and counselor and a mother herself, will meet with pregnant women either on individual or group basis to empower, enlighten and provide healing counsel in this magical time of a woman's existence! Pregnancy is a natural part of life and is meant to be enjoyed! Many individualized techniques are utilized in order for each mother-to-be, her spouse and her child-to-be to feel comfortable, empowered, educated and at peace with this incredible time! $120 an hour or $40 per person in a class environment.

More Service Descriptions coming soon!