Dr. Jacquilen Fostor Tomas, Ali, ND 

Dr. Ali is a naturopathic physician located in Philadelphia, PA with a client base throughout the United States.  As a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC) and Master Herbalist (MH), Dr. Ali has been a part of the holistic health community for more than 20 years.  And as a former classroom teacher and administrator in both the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare field, Dr. Ali understands the importance and the necessity in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  This has become the main focus of her practice.  Dr. Ali accomplishes this by integrating her background and experience and by using the BodyTalk System.  As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Dr. Ali focuses on and addresses the causes of health challenges, not just symptoms.  This focus provides a well balanced approach to health and healing.  Dr. Ali would like to guide you to  “Become the Master of Your Own Healing!”


Certified Aromatherapist. Wellness Advocate. Certified AromaTouch Practitioner.

Jenniffer, a nature lover and natural approach enthusiast, was introduced to natural medicine from a very young age, while being raised on a farm in Puerto Rico. Her journey has become one to motivate and educate others. Being a mother of three, she uses natural remedies with her children and family.

Jenniffer became a Wellness Advocate who very much enjoys helping others in learning how to live a vibrant life by using essential oils to create an affordable and easy way to be healthy inside and out. Being fully bilingual, Jenniffer is excited to  offer Essential Oils and other Wellness Classes in both, English and Spanish. 

With over 10 years of experience as a Massage Therapist, she found a perfect balance between the  healing powers of Aromatherapy and the healing powers of the human touch in the AromaTouch technique. As a Certified AromaTouch Practitioner, Jenniffer will make sure to form a feeling of trust and total relaxation while applying a perfect dosage and combination of Essential oils and therapeutic touch in order to promote Self-Healing.


 M.S, M.ED. C.I.P., ​Certified Life Coach. 

Nataly Berezovski is a well-known educator, with over 30 years of teaching experience to various ages. She holds Master's Degree in Chemistry and Education/Spirituality , which allows her to combine science, teaching and spirituality in a very successful fashion. She is a passionate presenter who loves to teach! Nataly teaches healthy European cooking classes, which are famous in Pennsylvania and surrounding states for her innovative, healthy approach, utilizing unique, yet complete and flavorful ingredients. Nataly also teaches time-honored Natural Remedies classes for all ailments, spiritual workshops, language classes, and healing exercise classes for all ages/fitness levels, among other offerings. 

 In her free time, Nataly loves to spend time with her family, cook, read, be motivational and God/spirituality.

MELANIE MAMRAK, B.F.A., C.I.P. V.F.R.M, Certified LIfe Coach.

Melanie’s passions live within reading Tarot Cards, creating artwork and practicing yoga. She feels that all three activities hae immense healing properties. Melanie began her journey earning her BFA in Illustration, where watercolors and painting are some of her favorites. She then followed her goal to pursue a yoga teacher certification, through various styles, like Basic, Vinyasa, Gentle and Restorative and more. 

Melanie is also a Certified Life Coach and combines coaching techniques with all of her methodologies.

All along her path she allows her intuition to guide her  Melanie believes there is a strong healing power with reading cards as a means to communicate positive messages to one another and overcome problems.

Melanie is certified as a Reiki Master and continues her education in energyhealing. She incorporates crystal energies and mediation as well in order to heal and grow. All elements, artwork, reading cards and yoga and more, allow for a full mind, body, spirit balancing and allow new outlooks into life. Melanie would love to guide and assist you in all matters of spiritual, psychological, and artistic guidance.


B.A., M.Psy., C.I.P. Certified Life Coach. 

Iryne Carrasquillo is CEO/Founder/Owner of Thirdi Center. She holds Master's level education in Psychology and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology/Business Administration. Iryne has over 18 years of counseling and management experience. A combination of business and life services was always a part of Iryne's professional path. She has come full circle by creating her vision--Thirdi Center, LLC, a successful combination of life and business services in one destination.

 Iryne is featured in many international publications. She is a motivational speaker whose intuitive gifts have been showcased on stage with celebrity authors, among other settings. She is an inspirational teacher, with many sold-out spiritual, motivational, and intuitive seminars and events. 

 Iryne is deeply intuitive. Ever since she was a child, she knew her path was to help others. Iryne successfully utilizes many techniques in her line of work: psychological counseling, life and business coaching, motivational instruction, etc. Every session is highly individualistic as Iryne intuitively chooses a mixture of modalities and approaches that will work best for you.  Her sessions are dynamic, thorough, full of humor and guidance--both intuitive and psychological.

Iryne is also an ordained, inter-faith minister and enjoys officiating weddings, baptisms, funerals and other life changing events.

With over 15 years of management experience in various settings, Iryne is a certified vehicle appraiser, business/life coach, human resource professional and intuitive management coach.

Iryne loves people, spending time with her family (especially her husband and daughter), studying business and spirituality, reading, yoga and wellness. She especially enjoys laughing and humor, which is refreshingly evident in all of her work. She looks forward to sharing her vision with all of you!