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Due to the strong demand for this course and Iryne's passion in teaching it, it has been in planning stages since Summer of 2015! Finally, we achieved an accredited membership within International Association of Professional Coaches, through which we can begin to offer classes on coaching in various modalities and be internationally recognized.

Here is the precise information of the course:

Start Date: To be announced for 2017!

Attendee Number: This course is going to be limited in participation to only up to 8 participants, in order to encourage very individualized instruction.

Certification: This is an official certification course, where you will be able to practice as a Certified Life Coach and utilize your skills in life and business. 

Learning Hours:The course will consist of 30+ hours that will span over seven month of instruction.

Frequency: We are looking to hold sessions once a month with assignments, homework and email support in between.


  • Intro to Life Coaching

  • The Theories and Fundamentals of Life Coaching

  • Core Life Coaching Competencies 

  • Intake/First Meeting with Clients

  • Determining/setting goals with client

  • Guiding the client in creating a life plan

  • Acknowledging the client and holding them accountable

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Identifying and removing blocks and limiting beliefs that keep the client
  • from moving forward

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Psychological methodology

  • Addressing the Client

  • Relationship counseling

  • Spiritual and intuitive mentoring

  • Addressing different psychological approaches

  • Learning the systems of life coaching and their applications

  • Utilizing intuition in life coaching

  • Health coaching basics (nutrition, holistic health approaches, natural remedies, energy healing modalities etc.)

  • Intro to Business coaching

  • Learning our strength as a coach

  • Learning to administer psychological assessments

  • Briggs-Myers Personality Types and working with different personalities

  • Psychological and spiritual archetypes and connections

  • Releasing anger techniques

  • Basics of addiction and recovery support and coaching

  • Self-worth connection

  • In Depth Relationship counseling

  • Maintaining and discovering nourishing friendships 

  • Parent-child relationships and parenting coaching basics

  • End of life transitions and grief coaching

  • Discovering client strengths      

  • Managing the "Fixer" in you

  • Code of Ethics

  • Bridging The Gap between psychological, spiritual and physical

  • Follow-up session techniques

Hands-on Coaching--Applying and practicing learned methodologies and skills while coaching live subjects and being observed by the trainers. To fully experience coaching, you will coach and be coached, while being guided and mentored by your trainer. During, and immediately following the session, your trainer will provide direct feedback.

Establish yourself as a Professional Life Coach--We lead you step-by-step through designing and marketing your practice.  You will write a complete business plan for your coaching business tailored to your budget. We will help you design your marketing materials, website template, and create an inspired speech tailored specifically to your business. Opportunities for discounted websites, promotional materials etc. will be provided through the discounts available to us with an international coaching membership.

  • Graduation Ceremony and Celebration

Your Main Instructor: Iryne Carrasquillo, who possesses Master's Level education in Psychology and Counseling and over 16 years of direct counseling, life coaching, and spiritual counseling/advising/mentoring experience with various populations. Additionally, Iryne has 10+ years of experience in business management and business coaching and holds numerous health, energy work, and business certifications. Iryne owns and runs her own coaching center, where she loves to educate and teach individuals in group and one-on-one format.

Other Guest Instructors: All of our instructors possess advanced college degrees and field experience in their specialty. Here are just a few guest instructors/subjects offered: Natural Remedies/Whole Nutrition, Art Therapy, Pastoral Counseling, Law of Attraction/manifestation, Animal Therapies...and so much more!

Cost: $1300 paid in full, $750 paid in two payments. More payment options may be available upon request. We feel our cost is very competitive, and we are the lowest cost program that provides Life Coaching Certification and is practiced over 30+ hours in an in-person format with live practice, teaching and support.

RecordingsAll classes will be video recorded and recording will be provided included in cost. 

Distance Sessions: If anyone would like to attend the course and is not local to the Philadelphia or surrounding areas, they are welcome to attend via our e-attendance method, where they will be present and participate in live class through either Facetime, Skype or similar computer program.

Make-ups: If you are unable to attend any one of the sessions, you will be able to make the session up. Session make-ups will be scheduled based on instructor availability, with several make-up options provided.

Referrals:If you refer anyone for this wonderful program, a referral bonus of $100 will be provided once payment in full has been received from your referred attendee.

Discounts for participants: We are offering discounts of 20% for individualized coaching and intuitive reading sessions for all Life Coach certification course participants. Each participant will receive four 20% vouchers for a service/merchandise/class of their choice within Thirdi Center (does not apply to Iryne's individual services or any certification classes). Iryne will also offer each attendee one free, 30 min goal-setting, life coaching session as part of this package, in order to thank you for your attendance to our first Life Coaching course!

We SO look forward to having YOU a part of this powerful and ground-breaking course!

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