​​​​​​Thirdi Center is your one stop destination for services. After a decade of research and development, Thirdi Center strives to create a niche where business and life services are successfully combined. At Thirdi Center, our clients can receive comprehensive business assistance, a variety of counseling and coaching services, alternative health modalities, spiritual empowerment, inspirational and celebratory services, counseling of all types...and so much more! We believe in inclusion, innovation, imagination, individuality, independence, and intuition. Thus, the emphasis on letter "I" in the name. We believe in invigoration of our current service industry, where you will be able to simplify and instill joy in your life by utilizing our center. Finally, you will be able to find your answers in one place--receive business guidance and experience life coaching. Receive intuitive guidance and prepare your annual taxes; partake in the counseling services before taking a wellness class. All at one place, all with convenient and competitive pricing options, all with only the most qualified practitioners! 


We look forward to providing individualized services to you and your family. How can we assist YOU?

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Here are just a few of services offered:


  • Variety of counseling services

  • Inspirational seminars and workshops

  • Spiritual classes and development

  • Career and human resource services

  • Automotive Services

  • Alternative Health services

  • Match-making services

  • Cooking demonstrations

  • Language classes and Interpreter services

  • Organizational services

  • Creativity and Art Services

  • International Services

  • Nutritional Services

  • .....and so much more!


Who We Are:

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